Mike DelPrete
is a global thought-leader, consultant, and advisor in real estate tech.

An evidence-based, 130+ slide presentation looking at the top real estate portals from around the world.

A 190+ slide presentation where I take a global view of emerging models in real estate that are changing the way consumers buy and sell houses. 

Mike has the unique ability to both monitor all trends in property yet also assess actual traction by digging up and analyzing detailed data.
— Sibren Tadema, OLX Ventures
This is the most comprehensive overview I have read on the state of the changing landscape of online real estate globally.
— Brian Requarth, Founder of VivaReal and Co-Chair of Grupo ZAP
Mike’s regular insights into the global portal industry, and it’s adjacent growth opportunities, are always stimulating and digestible must-read publications.
— Andrew Rechtman, Executive General Manager - Residential at REA Group
With his flair and perseverance, Mike is perhaps THE research expert in real estate portals.
— Jan Flaskamp, Scout24

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