iBuyer Intelligence Briefing: Call Recording

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iBuyer Intelligence Briefing: Call Recording


The iBuyer Intelligence Briefing was a 60-minute conference call on the latest iBuyer news, key insights, and strategic implications for the real estate industry. A deep dive to talk about what's going on and why it matters -- all supported by my classic evidence-based approach.

Key Discussion Topics

  • Recent news: Opendoor raises another $400 million and acquires a brokerage, plus Realogy and Keller Williams announce iBuyer programs.

  • The latest numbers out of the Phoenix market, including Zillow’s traction to-date, overall market share, and emerging trends.

  • Zillow as an iBuyer: Current traction, competitive advantage, and the value of seller leads.

  • Implications of Opendoor’s massive funding—and growth—on the rest of the iBuyer market (Offerpad, Knock).

  • Closing the loop: Opendoor acquires a brokerage, Open Listings.

  • Winner take all: Zillow vs. Opendoor.

  • Strategies that agents and brokerages can use to stay relevant.

  • The incumbents react: Implications of Realogy and Keller Williams entering the space, and the innovator's dilemma.

  • Strategic implications for real estate portals: friend or foe?

  • How profitable is the iBuyer model, what are the key risks, and how can they be mitigated?

  • How big is the U.S. and international market opportunity?

  • Insights on the future of iBuyers.

This purchase is for a recording of the call, which was held on October 5th.

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