Mike’s regular insights into the global portal industry, and it’s adjacent growth opportunities, are always stimulating and digestible must-read publications.
— Andrew Rechtman, Executive General Manager - Residential at REA Group
We always appreciate Mike’s unique breadth of insight into the global digital property solutions marketplace - he has an unparalleled view of the global landscape, a huge network and first hand experience as both a consultant and practitioner.
— Charlie Bryant, Managing Director at Zoopla
Mike has carved out an amazing niche in Property Tech. He’s global, he’s tech forward and he’s fought prop tech battles as an operator. When he publishes something - it flies around among decision makers in rapid fire - at companies, at hedge funds and at boards. And his university class on prop tech is the only one of its kind.
— Ryan O'Hara, CEO at Realtor.com
This is the most comprehensive overview I have read on the state of the changing landscape of online real estate globally.
— Brian Requarth, Founder of VivaReal and Co-Chair of Grupo ZAP
As someone who is part of the digital classifieds space, I find Mike’s analysis insightful and relevant. His perspectives are well-researched and considered.
— Tracey Fellows, President Global Digital Real Estate, News Corporation
An insights extravaganza.
— Brad Inman, Founder and Chairman at Inman News
Nothing else in real estate tech is this comprehensive.
— Anthemos Georgiades, CEO and Co-Founder at Zumper
Great analytics and comprehensive views of the changing real estate classifieds and proptech sphere. Enjoyed the read.
— Dr. Marc Rustige, Head of Real Estate Online Classifieds Portfolio at Axel Springer
Mike’s report on the Future of Real Estate Portals provides valuable insights into current global trends and importantly critical thinking about the different strategies being adopted by the major players. An interesting read for those thinking about the what’s next in this space.
— Tony Blamey, Chief Product & Customer Experience Officer at Domain Group
Incredibly informative, data-driven, and digestible.
— Annette Margolis, Airbnb
Mike does an amazing job of using data to tell a story. It’s both strategic and thoughtful, and grounded in data.
— Paul Levine, Partner at Sapphire Ventures, former President at Trulia
Mike has the unique ability to both monitor all trends in property yet also assess actual traction by digging up and analyzing detailed data.
— Sibren Tadema, Head of Strategy at OLX Ventures
Perfectly concise vs elaborate when necessary.
— Nazanin Vafaee, eBay Classifieds
With his flair and perseverance, Mike is perhaps THE research expert in real estate portals.
— Jan Flaskamp, Vice President Communications & Marketing at Scout24
Thanks for the great reports - they are worth every cent. The depth of data and analysis is truly unique.
— Shaun Minnie, Entrepreneur
Very valuable insights and a clear and concise overview of the strategic developments in our business.
— Ruud Smeets, VP Consumer Services at Scout24
I consider Mike’s work to be a best-in-class, comprehensive and independent collection of real estate tech analysis. I keep his numerous reports accessible and refer back to them often, and often share his work with other thought leaders in the space.
— Marc Bonfeld, Google
This is absolutely epic! You’re the man.
— Michael Bird, Executive Director at urban.com.au