Mike is an internationally recognized expert and thought-leader in real estate tech. He is a sought-after strategy and new ventures consultant. His evidence-based analysis (including his 120-slide global real estate portal report) and experience-based insights are read by global leaders. He brings deep operational experience as both a founder and CEO of a 40-person tech company and as head of strategy for a $2 billion online marketplace and classifieds business. 

Strategy Consulting

Work with your team to develop a new strategy, challenge an existing one, or execute on new opportunities. Provide strategic guidance and coaching, while sharing lessons learned, insights, and common pitfalls to avoid.

Global Intel & Research

Conduct targeted research and analysis of emerging trends in real estate tech (focus on residential and disruptive models). Distill down the common trends and insights from market leaders that are getting traction.

Workshops & Presentations

Facilitate strategy-focused workshops and consultations to address critical business questions (typically 1-2 days). Present on the state of the global real estate portal industry (my report) or emerging models in real estate tech that are gaining traction.

Investment Advising

Work with your team to define and refine an investment thesis (or challenge an existing one), and then identify, evaluate, and execute potential investment opportunities (internal or external).

Drop me a line at mdelprete@gmail.com and let's talk about what you’re doing and how we might work together.

Keynote presentation at the Property Portal Watch conference in Bangkok, 2017.

Keynote presentation at the Property Portal Watch conference in Bangkok, 2017.