About Me


Mike is a global real estate tech strategist, and a scholar-in-residence at the University of Colorado Boulder. He's a former tech entrepreneur, CEO, strategy director, and head of corporate development with broad expertise in online real estate tech, and a passion for growing new businesses.

Mike is internationally recognized as an expert and thought-leader in real estate tech. His evidence-based analysis is widely read by global leaders, and he is a sought-after strategy and new ventures consultant (read what others say about his work).

By age 30, Mike had boot-strapped and sold his 40-person tech startup firm, Agora Games. Agora worked on epic games such as Guitar Hero and Call of Duty. Four years in with a reach of over 100 million gamers, Mike sold Agora to the eSports giant Major League Gaming.

After Agora, Mike moved to New Zealand to work as a corporate strategist identifying investment opportunities at Trade Me -- New Zealand's largest marketplace and classifieds website -- a $2 billion business.

During his time at Trade Me, Mike analyzed hundreds of promising businesses for potential investment and acquisition with an eye focused on growth. He led several seven- and eight-digit investments.

After moving back to the U.S. in 2016, Mike intensified his focus on online real estate tech.

He has travelled the world talking to and working with leading property portals and real estate tech businesses, gathering first-hand knowledge and insights on industry trends and themes. He enjoys working with startups, advising founders and executives, and working on challenging entrepreneurial projects (read more about the services he offers).

Mike resides in Boulder, Colorado, with his lovely family.