Opendoor and the iBuyer Business Model 

I've written extensively about the new iBuyer business model, featuring companies like Opendoor, Zillow, OfferPad, and Knock. The analysis covers an overview of the iBuyer business model, a discussion of fees, tracking Zillow Offers, a comparison of Opendoor vs. OfferPad vs. Knock, how Opendoor makes money, and plenty more. Enjoy the full reports below.

iBuyer articles, analysis and reports

iBuyer conference calls on Opendoor & Zillow Offers

The iBuyer Intelligence Briefing was a 60-minute conference call on the latest iBuyer news, key insights, and strategic implications for the real estate industry. A deep dive to talk about what's going on and why it matters -- all with an evidence-based approach.

iBuying in Europe: Adapting a Winning Model was a behind-the-scenes, 60-minute conference call exploring the details of getting iBuying right in European markets, as well as how the model disrupts the selling and buying of homes.