My Inman Connect Presentation

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of presenting at Inman Connect in New York City. My session, "iBuying Goes Mainstream: How Big Can it Get?" covered a range of topics, from the evolving role of portals to the latest iBuyer analysis.

My key points are outlined below. Watch the video of my presentation and download a copy of my presentation slides.

Growing iBuyer traction

The rise of iBuyers continues. During my presentation, I shared some of the latest national data available; a "sneak peak" at my upcoming iBuyer Report.

Opendoor in particular continues its strong growth in terms of houses bought and sold, clearly accelerating in 2018. Overall, iBuyers are small but growing: around 5 percent of the market in Phoenix.


The consumer journey

If you're an Inman subscriber, you can read the provocatively titled writeup of my presentation, "Opendoor's 'nightmare': KW agents backed by their own iBuyer." To quote:

 His point is that Opendoor, a tech-powered homebuying and selling startup with $1 billion in venture capital, is vulnerable to competition from companies that already connect with consumers on a massive scale at the beginning of their home-buying or selling journey.

Who wins?

The best new business models are exponentially better than the status quo, and the biggest companies are exponentially outspending their competitors.

Whether it's materially better efficiency with models like Redfin and Purplebricks, or Opendoor raising (and spending) 10 times the capital than its nearest competitors, the stakes are big. The trends that are impacting the industry are not incremental.


My presentation

You can watch the video of my presentation, and download a copy of my my presentation slides. I'd love to hear your feedback!